A Beginner Guide to Use Instagram


Guide to Use Instagram

As you by now understand, that Instagram is a crucial social network and all businesses must realize its importance. Instagram is a photo-sharing app, important for not just restaurants, retailers, or travel organizations but for each and every type of business. It is because Instagram is one of the most efficient brand-building platforms out there.

Instagram has now become a strong hub where its’ users can find and verify the visual distinctiveness of a business. The companies that do not take the help of Instagram, face a big risk of getting ignored by potential customers, especially by the Gen Y. Actually, Instagram is the single most significant social network amongst the American teens.

It is our sincere advice to the readers that they take Instagram quite seriously as it can bring to your business a world of opportunities. According to Forrester, “Instagram is the king of social engagement.” Instagram has delivered the top brands per follower, 58 times more commitment than Facebook, and 120 times more commitment than Twitter.

In the given article, we are going to discuss in detail about how to build an effective Instagram strategy, setup of your account and perform the best brand practices. So, please do read this article carefully and you are welcome to post any comment/questions via the tabs below.


Make a clear Instagram strategy

Initially, do a thorough research. Try Instagram personally before trying it for your business. Look out for some very useful information on Instagram such as the best businesses, other brands, your competitors and also try to gain competitive acumen. After getting familiar with Instagram, begin to construct your strategy. Remember that your strategy should reflect larger social media plans that act as your guide for your social networking activities.
But first, try to establish your Instagram objectives. These objectives should attach to your overall objectives. Some of these objectives should include:
• Increasing sales of products
• Increasing your website traffic
• Increasing brand awareness
• Increasing business hashtag mentions
The goals which you set out as per your Instagram plan should be measurable and realistic. If you create realistic goals, which are also measurable you can easily track the progress of your tasks. After this, draft a mission statement of your Instagram account. The mission statement serves as the guiding principle for your Instagram tasks and would deter you from taking your Instagram account as Twitter or Facebook. The real power of Instagram lies in the visuals, so keep that in mind and create a mission statement and your goals.

Constructing your Instagram brand

As we know by now that Instagram is all about visuals, thus you need to create a recognizable and unified brand image. The way you approach he Instagram brand greatly depends on the strategy which you have established. It is a good idea to determine the visual style of your Instagram brand first. Select a set of filters which you will be using for most of your photos. Use the same filters over and over again, so that you can establish a style which becomes almost like your identity. Remember that the more recognizable the photos are the more chances you have of engaging your followers with.

You don’t quite have to necessarily be a lifestyle company to post lifestyle related content. We are a social media organization, but we like to put up the Instagram pictures of our employees, our pets and our surroundings as it reflects the nature and way of life of our company.

Getting started with your Instagram App

Before starting to use Instagram, you first need to download the app from the Google Play store or Apple Store and its free. After that, you’ll need to register. It means that you need to choose a master email and a password for your account. Next, you will be asked to submit your complete profile. Take your time filling it but make sure that you give in as much detail as you can and all professional information.

Instagram is actually one of the simplest social networks as far as users’ bio is concerned. You should provide the same username that you keep on other social networking sites. And your real name must be your company’s name. Also, give the url of your company’s website and a brief bio, on your public profile. Explain about your business, your functions and what customers can expect from your brand on the profile page. The information should be light and precise and can also include hashtags of your brand.

Posting and Engaging

After you’ve set up your Instagram account and filled the user profile, you can start to share and engage. Just try to make sure that you post some high-quality photos which correlate to your brand’s guidelines and do this with respect to the content calendar. Be aware that Instagram is a mobile-first platform and consider it while selecting your photos. Make your photos of high resolution and optimize them according to the mobile screens.

If your business is in the food, retail or any such related industry, try to tag your photos along with your location. These tagged photos will then be available to other users who will thus see your showroom or restaurant. Engagement is an essential part of any social media relationship. Try to respond to all questions and comments of your followers. Also, try to follow those users who like to follow you. Such people are likely to get involved with your brand and may even give you the inspiration which you so dearly need. All said and done, the success of your Instagram business depends on presenting your brand on Instagram, and concurrently thanking your followers.


The distinctive qualities of your target audience make a significant impact and are very important on Instagram. Your Instagram goals should be realistic and matching with your business goals. Work on your audience and put up an Instagram brand which is interesting and useful for them. Instagram is all about visuals and you must include a caption along with your brand. Captions please your followers and also allow your brand to enlarge its image.

Content By Aarif Habeeb Digital Marketing Consultant at Technocrab Solution.

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