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Creating a mobile app seems to be a task incurring time, money and of course app development knowledge as basic requirement. But with the availability of many free app makers the task of app development has not only eased up but has eliminated the requirement of having the knowledge of any programming language. Here are top 10 android app making platforms, which can prove worthy of your requirements.

1. AppsGeyser : One of the top rated platform for android app development which doesn’t involve any manual coding part. It facilitates development of a fully interactive application loaded with features such as social sharing, messaging, video units and tabs. Its HTML5 enrichment serves an advantage for building an app from scratch and monetizing the app by collaborating it with high paying ads. No technical skills required and marketing can be implied using AppGeysers own marketplace.

AppsGeyser Free App Maker

2. iBuildApp : Another free platform for internet users to create coding less app. This package comes with numerous templates and features which assist in customizing app’s appearance, appropriate theme selection, and images and button addition. This platform only provides free app creation only and monetizing the app requires subscription of any of the three pricing options.

iBuildApp Free App Maker

3. AppBuilder : This app serves the purpose of clients, employees, brochures and events. Targeted app can be achieved through dual approaches i.e. either by using the available online toolkit and training provided, or let the AppBuilder itself to assist you in defining and building the architecture of the app and initiate it with basic content. Anytime edit can be made while the app is live on store with the help of cloud technology which stores all the setting changes made. Option to incorporating ads is also available.

AppBuilder Free App Maker

4. Buzztouch : Using Buzztouch you can build an app of your liking and in addition it have several tutorial videos/topics to learn from, and build an app from scratch. Initialized with a guide to teach the basics and providing a simple control panel for developing an application, this platform is absolutely free except for few plugins which require some money spending.

BuzzTouch Free App Maker

5. AppyPie : After its arrival in the market since 2013, AppyPie has gained popularity with its simplicity and features such as drag and drop, divided categories i.e. utilities, travel,, entertainment, education and lifestyle. Promoting is not an issue as it has its own marketplace where the app can be published.

AppyPie Free App Maker

6. MobileRoadie : Having many big clients under its belt such as Disney, Universal and, MobileRodie has been a popular free app builder. Its features include impressive templates with numerous options for customizing it. Having a wide range of features this app takes more time to get familiarized with.

MobileRoadie Free App Maker

7. Appmakr : Recently acquired by Infinite Monkeys, AppMakr allows you to create as many apps as per requirement and maintainability is sustained with unlimited updates, numerous features such as push notifications, photo galleries to display high resolution pics, music and video streaming, Google maps integration and much more. A dashboard is provided to ease maintenance and customization.

AppMakr Free App Maker

8. Gamesalad : A platform providing drag and drop functionality to create gaming applications. Developing a game include two editors i.e. scene and actor editors with various attributes. Gamesalad have an active community forum to gain help and advices form other individual professionals.

GameSalad Free App Maker

9. InfiniteMonkey : HTML5 support of infinite Monkey guarantees the app to run on every smart phone. It also assists in publishing the app to app stores free of cost but in order to monetize your app you have to pay a minimal fee. It also supports full website development.

InfiniteMonkeys Free App Maker

10. ShoutEm : This app provides full services to the user , i.e. content management, interactive user tools, and monetizing options. It supports integration of various CMS such as wordpress, social media API, and many more. It offers regular autoupdates for apps and have a un interrupted publishing process to gain maximum e-commerce experience.

ShoutEm Free App Builder

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