Top 10 iOS Apps of 2015


The iOS store is flooded with numerous apps making selection and downloading of top rated and beneficial app on mobile a complicated procedure. Users often find themselves in dilemma about which app will serve in their best interest. Hereby our top 10 iOS app are enlisted to ease your selection:

    1. 1Password:- An app under productivity category will assist you in securing passwords for all kind of apps. With security being the most important issue to be addressed, this vital app generates complex and unique passwords for every password enabled website. It even remembers them whenever needed. In addition it also incorporates auto form filling, eased browsing, and files sharing.

    1. Scanner Pro: – A portable scanner on the go, can scan anything, from anywhere, just point the iPhone’s camera towards the item to be scanned. Its automatic edge detection technology, sharing and uploading services (like dropbox ), minimizes the labor included in utilizing scanned documents over a PC as the files are stored in PDF formats. High quality scans are assured every time with manually cropping option.

    1. Drop Box: – A must have app for all professionals, facilitates storing and sharing of files between team members with an ease. All files, mostly images, documents and videos are stored on the cloud, having anywhere, anytime, any device accessibility. With 2 GB of free space availability granted after signup, this app ensures access flexibility and mobility to a larger extent.

    1. Gmail: – The most popular app not only on iPhone but on every compatible device, Gmail has always made it to list of must have apps. User can have access to utmost of 5 accounts simultaneously, multiple notification options to choose from, Google calendar integration, basic Gmail features such as search option and add profile picture to your account are also included. All similar new mails are automatically categorized based on the type of labels it has. It has served as the most significant communication app with a proven popularity.

    1. Google Translate: – With an update lately, Google translator has become a serious contender to enlist itself on the list. It now features wide range of language translation in both forms of communication i.e. speech and texts. It captures a speech and translates it into the host language. It even has the functionality to scan foreign texts and revert the translated text back to you. It though has a shortcoming of producing less accurate results compared to printed texts.

    1. Forge: – An app for users who love making sketches. Developed by Adonit, it provided multiple design process functionalities such as stack and layer drafts, where you can survey all drafts on the “wall”, after single iteration is made. It doesn’t simply used for creating finished drawing; instead it permits users to have multiple iterations and functionality to share it among team members to finalize a design.

    1. Workflow: – incorporated with the functionality to execute automated tasks created by the user for a specific type of action. An example for this is say, a user wants pictures clicked to be automatically uploaded over to Instagram network, he can setup the required workflow and the next time any picture is clicked it is automatically executes the workflow and the action can be saved on the iOS home screen in the form of an icon to ease quick execution of task.

    1. Photoshop Touch: – As the name suggests it’s an image editing app, which benefits the image editing with regular tweak option such as Saturation, brightness and contrast and further more filtering effects. It also has access to the users Adobe Creative Cloud, for effortless working on the images stored over it.

    1. Yahoo Weather: – An app with stunning visual effects to showcase the current weather stats in real time. The use of animation is worth checking out. The user interface is easy to use, by simply swapping from left to right.

    1. Clash of Clans: – The current most popular game of the year has made it to the list as its fun to play. The game strategy is pretty simple, build a village and defend it from raiders. Option to battle against other users and their clans is also available. This can be serious addictive game as already millions of users have signed up for it.

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