What is Social Media Optimization

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SMO can be termed as a marketing strategy used to generate traffic from various social platforms. SMO has spread its working area by including social networking sites and blogs along with the RSS Feeds, Social news and Bookmarking sites.

The root cause behind including Social Networking platforms was very clear as more number of users /clients were connecting to these platforms more rapidly. The motto of SMO is to generate traffic over a certain website or product by increasing online visibility on both social media and achieving high rank in search engines.

Its functionality is almost similar to SEO while having its own differences like, SEO functions over Keywords while SMO functions over the content i.e. Words, videos, images etc. When collaborated together, they form a powerful tool to achieve high visibility across social media and search engines.
Similar to SEO there are some basic rules that define the successful implementation of SMO. These fundamental rules help develop a strong organic rankings and visibility.
These rules are:

1. Amplify Linkability: The first and the foremost important step to follow for the websites. Make sure the website is not completely static, keep it regularly updated. In order to optimize it, amplification of its content linkability is needed to be addressed. Increased linkability can be achieved through adding blogs to the websites, creating white papers and thought pieces or the easier way by transforming the aggregated content present elsewhere into a beneficial format.

2. Simplify Tagging and Bookmarking : Although adding various content features such as quick Tag Buttons is indeed a simpler way to provide tagging, but for achieving a more success rate, make sure to incorporate relevant pages consisting the relevant tags, suggested tag notes for a link, importantly make sure to tag all the pages of website on popular social bookmarking sites. Bookmarking just the home page will not serve the purpose.

3. Reward for Valuable Influencer: To give a reward in return of a reward is a best rule to gain overall visibility. Make sure you share the content of the people who are sharing your content. In other words, these so called inbound links are the supreme source to increase the overall rankings in search results. Sharing each other’s content increases the user visibility to a great extent.

4. Make Content to Travel: SMO is not just confined to making alterations to the website, it does nothing like SEO. Making the content available in portable formats ( PDF’s, audio and video files ) and submitting them over the relevant sites will ease the content to travel further and can be tracked down ultimately by the amount of traffic it attracts to your site.

5. Encouraging Inter-usability of Content: This can also be termed as Mashup between sites, where one site is allowed to use limited content from other site. The unambiguous example is of YouTube, which provides certain cut and paste code which can be utilized to embed videos from their sites, which has undisputedly increased their visibility and overall traffic over the World Wide Web.

Apart from these Top 5 Rules of SMO, there are many other rules which have to be kept in mind such as

6. Know your target audience and way to approach them
7. Create interesting and influential content
8. Make sure to implement the two way communication and participate socially
9. While considering SMO don’t neglect SEO as Google and Yahoo still drives traffic in abundance
10. Lastly make sure to have the latest trends and technology updates, it always serves in a better way.


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  1. Good article..Yes, SMO is one of effective way to generate more traffic to your website and convert this traffic into leads and also increase online visibility.


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