Google Adsense needs no introduction to them who are familiar with digital marketing. It is used for generating revenue through contextual ads. It has been a famous tool for blog monetizing but as every tool has its limitations, simillar is the case with Google Adsense. The problem arises when your Google Adsense account gets suspended for some reason. At that point of time you might realize the idea to create a monetizing blog is a total waste of time. But the good news is, there are some alternatives, which can come handy as a Google Adsense alternative.

Here are some of the top rated Google Adsense alternatives to choose from.

Infolinks: A tool which is space efficient and easy to get approved in comparison to Adsense as it has no such severe T&C’s. Well-matched for site having high traffic, infolinks provide four type of ads services, namely:  In-Fold, In-text, In-Frame and In-tag Ad. The functioning is simple, selecting keywords form the content and converting them into advertising link for which pay per click is made to the owner. The recommended infolinks frequency per page is 6-8, in addition to a great content and distancing from irrelevant link formation. Infolinks provide the highest share in the total revenue, i.e. 70%. A reminder though, it doesn’t provide contextual ads as Google Adsense does but still is highly recommended.


Revenue hits:  Yet another infamous in-text advertising tool utilizing the contextual and geo tagging technology. In this the payment made is based on the actions completed by the visitors to get themselves registered on their site (CPA Model), CPM and CPC models. Having a versatile options to choose from, the ads can be placed as a banner, popunder, slider, footer, top banner, interstitial and 158×21 button. These ads placement can easily implemented by just integrating the JavaScript into the HTML code, at the place where the ads have to be placed and offers a preview button too. They have extended their usability to apps and widgets over websites.


Chitika: As an allied to yahoo, Chitika provide the predictions to the blogger which ads will be of more relevant to generate more revenue and traffic. The special feature separating it from the rest of the alternatives is having the functionality to provide daily generated revenue while serving only for contextual ads. It also provide the only available feature for mobile i.e.  Mobile ad Code, which automatically senses the online user presence on mobile device and serves him with the ad on the bottom of the screen specific to the device screen size. Addition to it , the Adsense alternative also provides the services of Hover ad Code and Linx ad Code, i.e.

=>Hover ad Code: where the ad in the form of a small window slides into the frame from right hand side and

=>Linx ad Code: where the content is scanned for the keywords having the most CPC rate and get them underlined and as the mouse cursor is placed over it, it displays highly targeted small text ad.


Bidvertiser : A successful alternative of Adsense, facilitates selection of the ad design as desired by the web designer. Additional support of XML feeds, pop under ads, payment is based on CPC after they are validated by it. Another feature is the revenue generating toolbar, i.e. whenever a user uses the toolbar for search purpose, a lead is generated. Bidvertiser also provides the opportunity to block unwanted ads and have the issue with suitable selection for their program, i.e. if they saw any kind of fluctuating traffic on a site, the site owner gets banned immediately. In spite of strict website owner selection, they have a simplified policies and is recommended as a compatible and versatile design, Adsense alternative.

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