Website Trends to Follow in 2015


Web Designing is more of an art rather than a science. Designing a website has no limits, no boundaries, anytime you can alter/create a new design which can be more interactive and eye soothing.  Overtime we can see the same popular design trends tend to follow over and over again. Below I provide you with the latest trending designs you will see in 2015.

Big Landing/Home Page

Introduced in the late 2014, this concept has been gaining momentum in popularity. This include big scrolling through the pages , its due to the popularity of the usage of mobile devices. It eases the navigation through the website as compared to linking content and other pages. Incorporating into the page provides a more visually attractive. The main benefit of this method is to show all the information on an individual page instead of several clicking on other pages link.


Concept of Storytelling

Every website has some kind of story behind its birth and nothing fascinates more if you can depict it with some animation. Dynamic story telling is a perfect combination to provide advanced content onto the website along with maintaining visitor’s interest through animations. Make sure of having good quality content before you think of introducing this concept as it’ll include graphics, animation to be combined with the content to make it impressive.


Fixed Navigation Bar

In past you have to scroll the page up to access the navigation bar, but the recent design trends utilize the technique, where the navigation bar seems to be attached to the top of the screen while scrolling down the pages. This technique can be spiced up with a little animation in the navigation bar such as shrinking of the Logo and menu bar as soon as the scrolling starts. Although it might capture some of the precious space on the web page but it will surely worth time saving.


Grid Layout

This design trend has been the most used layout in web pages which included numerous posts in different domains. These designs are flexible and fit well with the responsiveness of the page on mobile devices. If you want to incorporate the grid design layout, there are lots of free resources and tools available to implement the design of you own choice.



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