Top SEO Tools


Frequent changing technology is producing numerous tools, some of which lasts while some crash drastically.  Being a SEO expert, you always want to have the latest and updated tools in your shelve which will assist in the long run. Whatever the requirement be like link building, Google analytics or social media analytics. Here are some of the top SEO tools to use to have an upper hand in providing the desired results.

SEMrush: – The best and the most popular tool for keywords research. It tracks down all the keywords on the page for which the site is ranked. It’s a handy tool for analyzing organic traffic on the website and for generating a list of wide-ranged keywords. SEMrush can also let you know if you are likely to get penalized if you have numerous inbound links and DA but no keyword ranking in it.

BuzzSumo: – Not exactly a SEO tool, it can be labeled as a social media tool and is used to craft titles out of a keyword database. The interface also provides a list of websites which can benefit in creating the backlinks to generate buzz in social media. By visiting the backlinks tab, you can sort out the most popular inbound links which has the most social shares.

Authority labs: – A SEO tool to tracks down the keyword rank history and produces a graphical representation for it. It can be utilized to analyze the behavior of the keyword overtime and can be compared with the competitor’s website keywords. The best feature of this tool is the multisite being compared at once.

Ahrefs: – A powerful tool for doing backlink research and link analysis. It produces almost accurate results for a given domain, as it crawls the most frequent as well as new links and produces the most in-depth report for it. Ahrefs  can provide you with the anchored texts which from each of your page and link which leads to your website.

All the above SEO tools are top rated and recommended to have in your tool bank.




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