Mobile SEO Tips That One Should Sincerely Consider To Attain Mobile SEO Success


With every passing minute, the usage of mobile devices is on the rise. In fact with this rate, soon there will be higher number of mobile handsets compared to the number of people. With the increasing usage, companies too require in making their presence felt. This has resulted in mobile marketing. The concept of mobile marketing is still at a nascent stage and most developers and marketers are attempting different means for embedding marketing in the mobile sphere. Already majority have flourished in SEO services for PC users, but if one is neglecting the mobile web, they should buckle up right away. Mobile SEO indeed is amid the reformed and new internet marketing solutions.

A couple of successful Mobile SEO tips to consider

Below are a couple of successful Mobile SEO tips that one should consider,

  • Size matters– typically mobile handsets come with touch screens, thus tapping on navigation links is likely to be difficult. Thus it is important in streamlining the navigation to help the user in concentrating on the most popular and significant pages of a website. The web developer must consider vertical menus as these will be simpler for a user to manoeuvre while deciding the link to tap on
  • Link location counts– every mobile-friendly page must comprise of a link that is marked clearly so access to the entire website in the mobile handset is not limited
  • Keyword usage– Google always gears up for preventing spammy articles from flooding the website. Thus, if one does not wish Panda in kicking the arse away of their mobile website’s write up, that can bring their income margin to almost zero the key is in minimizing the keyword phrases as well as using short and brief ones for precision
  • Clear design– One should keep their mobile website design easy to navigate and intuitive too. It is suggested to use call to actions that are clear for enhancing the ability of one’s mobile site to engage as well as convert maximum visitors into prospects. Keep away from unnecessary design components and ensure that all vital information is both easy to find and clearly visible too. Once the pages have been optimized, one can take the help of Google Analytics for tracking their mobile traffic data
  • Speed counts– the download speed certainly is a ranking aspect. After all, if one’s pages on their mobile fail to download speedily, naturally they will not waste time waiting for it. Rather they will move to the following link instantly. Hence, good speed counts
  • Mobile optimized/mobile friendly– it is always best in using a mobile site which suits customers and their needs
  • Limit choices– with respect to mobile phones, less is more. One should show others only what they require to know thereby giving them the ability of checking the main site if the need arises
  • Maximizing mobile potential– it is necessary for ensuring that one’s website is fast and also well-built, lest everything else will be a mere wastage of time. While planning a mobile website, it is usability that should be the top most priority. In fact people who have spent time on cell phones jabbing at buttons that are just impossible to click because these are tiny or scrolling and pinching their way around, must have experienced how annoying it is. Thus while planning a mobile website it is best to take help from experts offering professional SEO services as they have the right knowledge and experience in this domain. They will help in planning a mobile site firmly keeping in mind the needs of the user which means,
  • Good user interface
  • Limited forms as well as input fields
  • Powerful call to action
  • Clickable areas/buttons which can be tapped comfortably with a thumb

Mobile should not be ignored at any cost and those who do are likely to lose out. Businesses which get it perfect and build a flawless mobile experience for users definitely will beat the tough competition. The moment one has decided to launch their mobile optimized site, they should ensure to hire expert SEO consulting services as well as get the aforementioned points ticked to attain mobile SEO success.

About the Author– In this article, Sophia Smith has elaborately explained on why while planning a mobile website it is best to take help from experts offering professional SEO services. She has also laid emphasis on hiring expert SEO consulting services while planning a mobile website.



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