How to Install Plugins in WordPress?


How to install a WordPress Plugin by using Upload Method ?
In this tutorial we are going to tell you how to install WordPress.
Here is a Step by Step Guide to install a Plugin in WordPress.

    • Step 1: First you have to download the plugin from the source (In a zip file)
    • Step 2: Then go to your WordPress admin panel
    • Step 3:Then Click on Plugin » Add New.


    • Step 4:Then click on the Upload Tab.


    • Step 5: Then browse the file that you have downloaded before and then upload the zip file.


    • Step 6: Then You will be taken to the activate a plugin page.


  • Step 7: Then you have to activate the plugin.
  • Step 8: Then you have installed the plugin.
  • Step 9: Then you have to configure the settings that will fit your needs.

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