How to add Twitter box in my website?


To add Twitter box in your Timeline this feature enables you to show the website visitors some recent Tweets from you & You can also choose to display your own tweets,Twitter lists, your favorites.
Twitter box allows your visitors to reply, re tweet, and tweets directly from the webpage.

In this tutorial we are going to help you to embed Twitter box in your website in just some simple steps .
Its realy easy to set up an embedded Twitter box in your website.

Steps To follow to embed Twitter box.

twitter box

    • Now you have to go to Settings of your Twitter account.
    • Now you have to click the Widgets tab in your left sidebar then click the “Create new widget” button.


    • You are now in the Widgets Configuration page.


    • Now you have to choose from: User timeline, Favorites, or List. just type the username for the timeline that you want to display and yo have to modify other attributes according to your preference. Now click the “Create Widget” or “Save changes” button to update the preview.

twitter box

    • Now twitter will generate a preview and then the code you have to Copy and paste this code to the web page where you wish to embed the code.

twitter box

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