How to add facebook like box in my wesbite?


How to embed Facebook like box in your website

The Facebook Like Box plugin, allows web page contributors to embed the live stream of their Facebook page into a webpage.In addition members can choose to “Like” the stream topic.

In this tutorial we are going to help you to embed facebook like box in your website in just some simple steps .
Its realy easy to set up an embedded Facebook Like box in your website.

Steps To follow to embed facebook like box.

facebook like box

    • step 2:Now just copy the URL of your Facebook page that you would like to embed.
    • step 3:You have to paste the URL into the Facebook Page URL field
    • step 4: Make any other desired configurations in the provided options if you want eg. set the height and width using Height and Width boxes .

facebook like box

    • step 5: Now you have to click the Get Code button. This will produce a dialog box which contains some iframe code which you have to embed on your web page.

facebook like box

    • step 6: Now copy the iframe code from dialog box and take it to the web page where you wish to embed the code.

facebook like box

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