Cool Tips & Tricks About Mouse


1. Mouse click & Shift key
As Everyone Knows that many of the Programs & Text Editors allow to highlight the all text or the some portion of the text by just using the mouse & Shift key. example, by clicking at the beginning of a text in the below text box, you just hold down the Shift key & scroll to the bottom, click at the end of the text to highlight all of the text.

2.About Scroll wheel

  • Wheel in a mouse is not just a wheel ,the wheel also can be used as a button, by Pressing down the wheel it will act like a third mouse button. this is also used to open the web page in a new Tab by just clicking the wheel on the link & also used to close the any of the open Tab.
  • Zoom Out and Zoom In a word document, web page, etc. by just holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling down to zoom out.& Up to zoom in and
  • By just holding the Shift key while scrolling down or up in the most Internet browsers to go forward and back between web pages.
  • Some of the mouse wheels can be pushed right or left to also move forward and back on a web page.


3.Double & Triple Click In Mouse

  • If you want to select any word you can select the word by just double clicking at that word.
  • If you want to select the whole paragraph or sentence you can do it by clicking mouse button thrice on any word .If you want to try then Go Ahead try it youself.

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