How to Install WordPress in Local Server WAMP


He have comeup with Tutorial to install wordpress in local server WAMP.
Step by Step you can learn the installation with guiding picture resourses.
Before Starting , you should install WAMP Server(How to Install WAMP Server) in your system.
Lets Start Now…

Step 1: Download the wordpress package from its official website

Step 2: Download the Latest Package. You will get a Zip file.
Step 3: Unzip the downloaded file in your server root Directory i.e /www/.
Step 4: Rename the folder for your project (e.g new_project).
Step 5: Now create a MySql Database . Type localhost in browser and then click on phpmyadmin.
Step 6: Click on Databases and create database (eg. new_database).
Step 7: By default Hostname : localhost, Username : root, Password :(Leave blank).
Now start WordPress Installation:
Step 1: Type “localhost/new_project” in your browser to run your site.
Step 2: You will see a screen , just click on ‘Create a Configuration File’.
Step 3: On next screen, Click on ‘Let’s go!’.
Step 4: Here fill the details for your website.
Database Name: new_project
UserName: root
Password: (leave blank)
Database Host: localhost
Table Prefix: wp_
Now Click on Submit and move forward.
Step 5: Now click on ‘Run the install’.
Step 6: Now you will get main installation screen. Fill all the details as your wish. Just uncheck the privacy option as it is not required on local server.
Step 7: Click on ‘Install WordPress’ .
Step 8: Finally you get the success screen with username that you have selected .
Step 9: Check your wordpress site now in your browser. Type ‘locaslhost/new_project’ and you can see your website.
Step 10: To access your admin dashboard join /wp-admin in url (eg. localhost/new_project/wp-admin).
Step 11: Provide Username and Password to get the Dashboard.

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