Essential Prerequisites of a Mobile App Development Platform


Creating business value is increasingly being associated with integrated business management to attain sustainable results. Technological advancement plays an even more pivotal role in creating this value because these days the trend of working on-the-go is on the rise. Most people enjoy working while they travel, others take pleasure in working from remote offices or home. Consequently, businesses are developing updated means of providing these services to their employees as well as customers. One way in which businesses are catering to the needs of their stakeholders is by making innovative and useful application softwares for handheld devices.

It is imperative to understand the essential prerequisites of a mobile application development platform to be at the forefront of this skyrocketing business. Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind that VezTek USA has to offer while developing a new mobile application:

Platforms linked with Could Servers – App development platforms often soar in the market soon after their launch. Because of so much traffic, some apps often crash. This fuels bad reviews by angry customers. Therefore, it is imperative to create mobile development platforms that are linked with cloud servers and avoid your app from cashing. Often times a mobile app development falls into the pitfall of making use of VPNs to insure connectivity. However, VPNs are not completely risk-free and a prone to drop out sessions which disconnect the apps’ connectivity from their servers.

Supporting new mobile devices – True that these are the days of iOS and Android operating systems installed on iPhones and google smartphones. Having said that, ever-rising competition will create demands for new mobile devices that will eventually be penetrated into the market. It is essential to introduce mobile app development platforms that offer a multi-channel approach and will be compatible with new operating systems that may be launched in to the market.

Engaging the users – Platforms that provide minimalistic access to predefined websites often work sluggishly in the market. Users are looking for more than just mobile web apps. Offering them a customized solution driven platform that offers a variety of task-oriented solutions with relevant information will result in satisfied customers. So, introduce tailor-made web apps rather than conforming to the standardized versions.

Native mobile apps is another key factor to consider while developing task-oriented solutions for the customers. Integrating the mobile app development platform with native apps such as camera, GPS and other sensors will result in real-time update facility that will prove to be a high value solution for your clients.

Otherwise, you could simply opt for a hybrid of the two and make it run inside a native container whilst still allowing the browser to rend HTML and process JavaScript from your local server.  It all sums down to what kind of app you are looking to develop.

Time Frame is another essential element to consider while developing a platform. Technological changes have already results in high paced bandwidths such as 3Gs and now even 4Gs, LTEs. Dramatic changes in the near future will result in even more advanced speed levels which will facilitate web browsing to a whole new experience. Speed is often regarded of much more value than functionality. Therefore, facilitating customers in this aspect will again result is less disgruntled reviews.

Data Sources and Tools – Another key aspect that mobile app developers often forget is the ability to translate or code complex apps in languages that can be customized to meet various business or customer requirements. Else, the cost of updating these apps to fit multiple coding languages again and again as per business requirements will be costly and time-consuming. A mobile app development platform should offer the versatility required for the apps to be reusable on multiple frameworks.

Integrated Security – Accessibility is another key aspect of apps that is often overlooked. Often times we hear news about viruses invading various apps and/or firewall disabling access to important apps. Mobile web app developers should conform to security policies that secure against leakage of data and intrusions of third parties into the network.

With ever increasing number of end users communicating through multiple environments and channels in today’s technology-driven world, exploiting these tips to cater to your mobile app development platform will definitely stand in good stead for any business’ sustainability.

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